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Kosova Alena Valer'evna, Lecturer, sub-department of social work and psychology, Penza Branch of Russian State Social University (156 Suvorova street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. The entry of Russia into world – wide educational space, development of democratization and humanization processes defines the need of new approaches to professional and pedagogical knowledge of parents and strengthening of their role in the education of children.
Materials and methods. Realization of research tasks was reached on the basis of studying various points of view of domestic and foreign scientists (philosophical, sociological, psychological and pedagogical) concerning the essence of the concepts «culture», «pedagogical culture of parents». The analysis of these concepts showed that this term which doesn't have exhaustive (concrete) definition, possesses difficult and many-sided structure which represents high level and a harmonious combination of public, social, spiritual and moral values of people.
Results. Theoretical analysis of pedagogical literature showed that the pedagogical culture of parents in the most different forms reflects the mentality and culture which are traditional for this society during this era, and are caused by real history of the people, its spiritual and mental warehouse and way of life.
Conclusions. Having analysed the available ideas of pedagogical culture of parents, we can say that this phenomenon represents the level of personal education of parents (knowledge, abilities, skills) concerning education and development of the identity of a child in the modern social conditions.

Key words

pedagogical culture of parents, integrative personal characteristic, selfeducation.

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